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Nigeria’s Heartbeat In Every Page

In the dynamic and bustling heart of West Africa, amidst the diverse rhythms of culture, history, and progress, The Nigerian Inquirer stands as a testament to journalism that delves deep, asking questions that matter, probing into stories that others might overlook.

At the nexus of tradition and modernity, Nigeria is a nation of contrasts, where bustling markets and cutting-edge tech startups coexist; where ancestral tales blend seamlessly with the visions of the future. It is within these contrasts that the most compelling stories lie, and it is these narratives that we bring to you in every page, every line, every word.

Why We Inquire:

An “inquirer,” by definition, is one who investigates, who searches with a keen sense of curiosity and purpose. At The Nigerian Inquirer, our approach to news is rooted in this very ethos. We believe that journalism, at its best, should be more than just reporting facts. It should engage, provoke thought, and inspire change.

While we take pride in being among the first to break hot news, we also recognize the responsibility that comes with it. We are not content with just scratching the surface. Our team of dedicated journalists delve deep, asking the difficult questions and searching for the stories behind the headlines. We strive to provide our readers with comprehensive, nuanced, and fact-checked reports, presenting a balanced view of events.

Beyond the Headlines:

Nigeria, in all its vibrancy, cannot be encapsulated in mere headlines. It is a nation of over 200 million stories, each one unique, each one essential. Whether it’s the latest in politics, business, culture, or sports, we understand the interconnectedness of these narratives. By weaving them together, we present a tapestry of Nigeria that is rich, diverse, and ever-evolving.

Our Dedication to Authenticity:

In a world where information travels at the speed of light, authenticity often becomes the first casualty. At The Nigerian Inquirer, we remain steadfast in our commitment to uphold the principles of authentic journalism. Every story that graces our pages goes through rigorous fact-checking and verification processes, ensuring our readers receive nothing but the truth.

Engaging the Diaspora:

Nigeria’s influence isn’t limited to its geographical boundaries. Millions of Nigerians across the globe carry the heartbeat of the nation in their hearts and minds. Recognizing this, we dedicate sections of our coverage to engage the Nigerian diaspora, acknowledging their unique perspectives, challenges, and contributions.

Inviting Dialogue:

At The Nigerian Inquirer, we believe in the power of dialogue. Our platform isn’t just a space for news; it’s a space for conversation. We invite our readers to engage with our content, challenge our perspectives, and contribute to the broader discourse. With every story, we aim to spark discussions that propel Nigeria forward.

Why The Nigerian Inquirer:

With a plethora of news outlets vying for attention, why choose The Nigerian Inquirer?

Because, with us, you are not just a passive recipient of news. You are an active participant in the narrative. Every story we share is not just about Nigeria; it’s a story about you, for you. As you flip through our pages, you’ll find more than just news. You’ll find a reflection of the nation’s soul, its aspirations, its challenges, and its triumphs.

With The Nigerian Inquirer, you hold in your hands Nigeria’s heartbeat, resonating with the pulse of the nation. We don’t just report news; we live it, breathe it, and share it with the same passion that drives every Nigerian.

Be Part of the Inquiry:

Journalism is a two-way street. As we bring stories to you, we also invite you to bring your stories to us. Engage with our content, share your insights, and be part of the broader conversation that shapes the future of our nation.

Nigeria’s Heartbeat In Every Page isn’t just our motto; it’s our promise to you.

Join us in this journey of inquiry, discovery, and progress. Together, let’s write the next chapter of Nigeria’s story.

Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi, an accomplished journalist, boasts of a pivotal year with Insight Links Media where she held the esteemed role of an international correspondent. Specializing in amplifying global stories, Oluwatosin stands out as a skilled writer and a vibrant, articulate speaker. Her unmatched zeal for journalism, combined with her audacious reporting style, distinguishes her in the realm of contemporary journalism. Advocating for truth and transparency, she continuously strives to bring unbiased and relevant narratives to the forefront.



Adeodun Adenike Dorcas boasts over four years of extensive experience in human capital management. Her diverse expertise encompasses areas like writing, strategic project management, and visionary leadership. Committed to elevating Africa’s talent landscape, Adeodun holds a fervent belief in the intrinsic potential of every individual. She is dedicated to ensuring they are equipped with the essential tools and knowledge for their professional ascent. By aligning people’s skills and aspirations with organizational goals, she aims to transform workspaces into centers of innovation and excellence.


Victor Adetimilehin, widely known as Vic’Adex, is a celebrated global arts in medicine fellow and a staunch ambassador for religious tolerance. Beyond his institutional affiliations, Victor is an incredibly passionate and award-winning spoken word artiste, most notably recognized for his stirring poem, “men not gods.” A fervent supporter of pan-Africanism, he actively champions and bolsters Nigerian creative hubs, fostering an environment of artistic growth and cultural exchange. Victor’s dedication to the arts and peace advocacy positions him as a vital influencer in bridging cultural gaps.


Ikeoluwa Ogungbangbe, with her four-year tenure as a writer, fervently champions early leadership ideals. Her flagship program, “From Seed to Sequoia Initiative,” is a testament to her commitment, where she mentors secondary school students, helping shape their futures. Ikeoluwa emphasizes the transformative power of human connections. She strongly asserts that genuine, authentic friendships and relationships are the foundational pillars that drive individual and collective success. Guiding young minds, she believes in laying down roots of integrity, passion, and resilience.


Raymond Oluwalola, representing Ennovate Lab, is a distinguished brand strategist and a masterful storyteller. As an esteemed author, poet, and editor, his contributions to the literary world are vast and impactful. With unparalleled dedication, Raymond leads the inspiring “Children That Change The World” initiative, investing in both junior and senior secondary scholars. Through this initiative, he aims to nurture the next generation of leaders and thinkers, emphasizing the importance of education and mentorship.


Motoni Olodun, with an illustrious seven years in marketing operations, stands as a beacon in the field. Specializing in digital strategy and product marketing, she has meticulously crafted strategies that have propelled over twenty global brands to new heights. Her unique creative flair not only assures tangible results but also a lasting impact in the market. Beyond her professional expertise, Motoni is a gifted storyteller. Her fiction and non-fiction narratives captivate and resonate with a diverse audience, showcasing her versatility and depth as a writer.


Otobong Tommy is a violinist, writer, and teacher. With a BSc. in public administration (2014) from Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria, she has previously worked at Ventures Africa, NAEC, The Eagles Music Academy, and currently at L’Orbe, a non-profit where she is co-founder, managing the music room targeted at children and teenagers. She also enjoys exploring design and content creation.


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